At J. A. Coles (Removal Contractors) Limited we do all we can to respect client and employee (both herein referred to as a “person”) rights to privacy and the protection of personal information.

How we use, and secure personal information

We use and process various types of personal information, including basic information eg. name, address and contact details; bank and payment details; training, licence, passport and customs details. All of the personal information used will have been provided willingly by a person, or created by them through use of our products and services eg. our website quote request option. We also collect information from third party organisations a person deploys, such as internet removal quotation organisations we subscribe to.

We are committed to ensuring that personal information is secure with us and with third parties who may act on our behalf eg. shipping suppliers. We use many tools eg. encryption technology to make sure that personal information remains confidential and accurate and we may monitor or record calls, emails, text messages or other communications in order to protect a person and us too.

Transferring information overseas
Most of the information we hold for a person will be used and stored in the UK. However, we may transfer information overseas as some of our operations and third party providers eg. agents are not based in the UK. We will make sure that any transfer to another country is legal and that personal information is always kept safe.

Communications about personal records
We use a person’s contact details provided willingly to us to send that person information relevant to their context within the operation of our business, provision of services the person may have procured, and maintenance of their account and or records: methods including by email, text, phone, fax and letter.

How long we keep personal information
We do not keep personal information for longer than we need to, which is usually in so far as the conclusion of the contract period, unless we are requested to keep it longer by a person or by legislative requirements eg. HMRC and DVSA archive periods.

We will not send a person any marketing information relating to products and services unless they request us to do so, and we will not share personal information with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

A person’s rights
A person has a number of legal rights to control what we do with their personal information. For example, a person can ask us what information we have about them and request a copy of it; correct or update information that is wrong; stop us using their information in certain circumstances. Please note that in some cases, by asking us to do the latter it may mean that we are no longer able to provide a person with contracts or services. We actively review our policies and are open to resolve any complaints, but further guidance can be obtained by contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow SK9 5AF Tel: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745

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